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Top Pest Control of Paramount offers pest services to help with Paramount ticks because we understand many people hate trying to completely eliminate all the ticks on their property. Ticks are tiny arachnids which happen to be feeding parasites. Ticks eat on people, your pets, and occasionally amphibians. Ticks can carry unwanted diseases including Lyme disease, Q fever, and various other diseases.


Tick eggs are often tainted at birth resulting in instantaneous ability to poison their host. When you notice them early enough and treat your yard and property early enough, you can find relief faster. However, we also encourage you to treat your pets (if you have any) when having your home treated, otherwise the treatments we provide will be a waste because your pet will continue carrying them in if they aren’t treated properly.


Regrettably, tick bites usually are pain-free, which means they can sometimes be challenging to detect. You might not have any idea when the tick is feeding on you. Most people will not show signs and symptoms from a tick bite. But this doesn’t imply that they are not distributing disease.


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