If you’re on the lookout for a superior pest control company in the Paramount area, then you’ve come to the perfect place. When settling on a company to handle a pest situation we realize that a lot of factors are involved, more than just the expense. For this reason we offer guarantees with a lot of of our services so that you can make sure you’re receiving the ideal solution for a fair cost.


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Call on our professional termite exterminators if you suspect or have confirmed termites on your property.

There are many of unique varieties of termites that live in in the Paramount area. Each type of termite has a different kind of threat to a home, depending on the type of lumber it consumes on or exactly where they have congregated. Every type of termite will strike your house in a distinctive way. If you’re unsure, we can perform an inspection when you call us at 562-645-4527 and once we’ve identified the type we can treat it accordingly.


How to Discover Paramount Termites

One particular popular way to find termites is to discover termite waste material. This technique is similar to identifying other sorts of pests. The simplest way to determine that you have really found termite feces is by the overall appearance. Termite fecal material has an appearance of little, slim strips with rounded ends. If you discover this kind of fecal matter in your property, specifically close to your kitchen or food, then you almost certainly have a termite situation.


The next typical method that individuals uncover termites on their property is from the tubes made from mud that they construct. If you happen to recognize any holes and/or tunnels in your wood it is time to consider getting in touch with our professional termite exterminators right away at 562-645-4527. We can perform an inspection and then quote a price for treating the issue, depending on the severity and type of termite.


Trust in Our Paramount Termite Experts

These termites on your premises could possibly be inflicting serious destruction of the structure of your house. Termite eradication isn’t an undertaking you will want to attempt to do without a professional’s help. There are many very simple pest concerns that can be performed by yourself in your own home, but termites are not included in that list. Have a few questions concerning termites? We can assist with that also. Simply call us to discover everything about our termite removal services along with the approach we implement to ensure full satisfaction for our clientele.

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